It’s time for Reason to rise from the ashes

The United States of America is in big trouble. There is a knowledge gap when it comes to understanding freedom and how to effectively fight for it. We have the technology. We have the brains. It’s time to use both. I hope you will join me in this fight.

It takes money to wage a war. I’m selling T-shirts to get the ball rolling. War, she says? Yes. I’m waging war against ignorance, stupidity, arrogance and nihilism. I am not a Republican or a Democrat or an Independent. I’m an American Woman, a citizen of a great country, a mother and grandmother. It’s time we start truly defining freedom, how we get it, how we keep it and WHY.

Our Presidential choices reflect the bottom of the humanity barrel. But, this election will still happen and there will be a new President. It will be Clinton or Trump. No one else. No third party gate crasher. (Why do they always come out of the woodwork at the last second?) Do we all relax, take a deep breath and just enjoy the holidays? Then, bitch and gripe another four years until we do all this again? NO! Our problems will not go away until we take a hard look in the mirror and admit our mistakes. We must face the fact that so-called conservatives are anything but. We must face the fact that we’ve destroyed the checks and balances system of government which should protect us from lunatics. NOW is the time. Not in two years, not in four years. We start NOW.

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I am a hard working American Woman. An Army veteran. A Mom. My Mom role has had many adjectives, including: single, married, divorced, working, stay-at-home, step-, homeschooling, and tired. I've worked as a dental assistant, nurse, mechanic on landing craft (boats), videographer, photographer, waitress, paper girl, pizza delivery, home re-modeler, Jill-of-many-trades.

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