My Country, My Vote

My Facebook news feed has been filled with politics for the last seven years. People became more and more upset every year. They were calling for the American people to wake up, stop being sheep, and to turn off American Idol. They wanted a President who was intelligent, principled, loved America and respected the Constitution. They wanted a President who wouldn’t lie to them and would provide transparency in politics.  They said they weren’t being heard and no one in Congress was doing their job. They were sick of the main stream media’s bias for the liberal agenda. I agreed.

Today, we are in the midst of choosing the man who will be the Republican candidate for President. This is the time for American individuals to show they are responsible, capable, and deserving of being a free people.

I can’t lie about my disappointment in the number of people who would choose Donald Trump to be the Republican candidate. “Stop watching American Idol!” But, vote for a reality TV star. “Don’t lie to us!” But, vote for a man who stands on both sides of every issue to hedge his bets. “Love America and the Constitution!” But, vote for a man who has not been able to demonstrate a working knowledge of American government and throws money to politicians who actively work to destroy our rights. “The main stream media are a bunch of liars!” But, if they say Trump is great and unstoppable, quote them ad nauseam.

One man has consistently shown his intelligence, principles, love and respect for Americans and the Constitution. One man hasn’t lied. One man has provided the transparency. That man is Ted Cruz.I had my initial reservations about Ted. I was disappointed that he sided with Kim Davis in the gay marriage license debacle. He cited religious freedom. I’m for religious freedom. But, I don’t want a theocratic nation.  My knee-jerk reaction was to not support his candidacy. But, after researching further, I found that Ted is consistent in his beliefs and his actions concerning individual rights. Ted stood up in front of God and country to stop Obamacare. He stood up for us when he called out Mitch McConnell for being a liar, telling us about the backroom deals being negotiated by the Republican power brokers.  If I disagree with him about an issue, it will be much easier to argue it because I know exactly where he stands and why. He isn’t perfect. I do disagree with him about some things. But, I also know that he has what it takes to get this country to a place where we will be able to start tackling those things. It’s difficult to advance the civilization when we’re all just fighting for survival.

Treat your vote with the respect it and your fellow Americans deserve.