It Starts With YOU


If you want to change a culture, you have to start with yourself. Is it possible for one person to really make a difference? Of course! Change always happens with one person at a time. How do you think socialism came to dominate the United States? Do you think half of the country woke up one morning and said “Hey! I’m really feeling like socialism is great today. Let’s do this!” Yeah…probably not.

So, what are you contributing to the promotion of reason and a culture of freedom? What are you doing to promote a more civilized society? Believe it or not, making posts on Facebook whining that the demise of our country is at hand or that the younger generations are a bunch of weak willed, lazy imbeciles, does NOT change things for the better. Arguing over minutiae while failing to address the philosophical foundations of this country (Individual Rights) does not advance our civilization one iota.

Take the time to educate yourself about this country. You may think you know enough, but trust me, you don’t. WE don’t. There is always more to learn. I recently took the Hillsdale College Constitution course. It’s not perfect, but it was enjoyable. I love history. I love this country. So do they. Check it out.

There are so many resources available for education, thanks to technology. It’s about damn time to use the internet for more than posting selfies. There is a world of knowledge at our fingertips and yet my Facebook news feed is filled with regurgitated Main Stream Media articles or worse, inflammatory articles from questionable and strange websites. Do your best to verify information. Use your best judgement to discern whether an article contains factual information before reposting it. We all make mistakes from time to time, just strive to do better in disseminating stories. Instead of just reposting a link to an article, try writing something about what YOU think of the content or write something without a link to an article! It’s a good way to exercise your brain and people really do want to know what you think. What YOU think matters.

Make the commitment today to start the change you wish to see. Make it start with you. Is it going to be easy? Hell no. You need courage and reinforcement daily. You can do it. I’ll be here for you when you’re weary, as others have been there for me. While it may feel like a lonely quest, the reality is you are not alone.

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I am a hard working American Woman. An Army veteran. A Mom. My Mom role has had many adjectives, including: single, married, divorced, working, stay-at-home, step-, homeschooling, and tired. I've worked as a dental assistant, nurse, mechanic on landing craft (boats), videographer, photographer, waitress, paper girl, pizza delivery, home re-modeler, Jill-of-many-trades.

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